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A series of books for new, intermediate and other curious fly anglers

New Solution Books will  be added as they are completed. Each book contains information that illuminates and explains specific fly fishing challenges in a clear, useful manner.

The paper bag covers, highlighted with different colors for each book, makes a conservation statement - use it over, use it up - that all fly anglers should embrace. Trout streams are no longer being made, and trout need clean, oxygenated water in order to continue to thrive.

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There’s nothing quite like fly fishing trout streams that teem with life

Solution Books

Solution Books

Where to cast? Which fly? How to rig?

Which flies imitate what insects?

Find the answers to these and other questions in Solution Books

River Fork Press is my publishing company. My goal is to write and publish books that inform, entertain and encourage while inveigling my reading friends’ imaginations. I get help from a few key family members and friends who proof read and make content and layout comments before I send the books to the printer.

All Solution Books are printed in B&W. It’s interesting that certain photos are sharper, but true that something in other shots is lost in our full color world. I do it this way to keep the books inexpensive, to print them in the US, and to encourage a conservation attitude in all of us. (Printing in B&W pollutes less.)

Many of the books are available in full color as digital versions on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Download their reader apps and then one or more of my books. Read them on their readers, your computer or phone.

It’s been interesting and challenging to learn the programs required to create the books. I love the creative process. Of course I find that a break in the form of tying flies or fishing the Big T to settle my eyes and freshen my emotions is a good idea, and I do so as my system requires a foil!

Making this site has been curious, and will also provide an ongoing challenge as I endeavor to learn the media to share information and fly fishing fun! I’ll stay at it with hope my readers will be encouraged, entertained and inspired to fish soon and often. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


More Books!


The river, its trout, insects, flies that work, techniques, putting it together, and access and ethics are covered. This information will be useful on most freestone trout steams that fly anglers fish.

The Blacker Compendium

Bob Frandsen tied all of the salmon flies described by William Blacker in The Art Of Fly Making, which was published in 1855. Bob’s The Blacker Compendium, created and published by River Fork Press, is a great resource for anglers and fly tiers interested in fly fishing history and the beautiful classic salmon flies Blacker collected and created! Bob’s study and interpretation of these sometimes complex patterns has set the standard for fly tiers around the world.

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